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The Universe Knew We Were Coming digital painting is being exhibited on a large 18’ computerized display wall at the Computer Sciences Laboratory at Princeton University.
The wall uses 24 Compaq MP1800 projectors tiled together to create an image resolution of 6000x3000 pixels on a 8’ x 18’ rear projection screen. The display system uses a cluster of PCs with 3-D graphics accelerators networked by Myrinet and 100Mb Ethernet. Underway since April 1998, the display wall serves the Princeton Computer Science program breaking new ground in Large-Scale Computer Displays, Immersive Systems and Remote Data Visualization.

Photo by Grant Wallace, Director Research Staff, Computer Science Laboratory, Princeton University

This showing was facilitated by Princeton Computer Lab Research Staff Director, Grant Wallace. The painting was put on display Oct 14, 2004 and can be seen at the Princeton Computer Sciences Laboratory.

Roger Ferragallo’s “Universe Knew…” painting utilizes a powerful software program developed for painters and graphic artists (QFX, Ver. 8, Ron Scott, Inc.)

The Universe Knew We Were Coming

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