Cosmic Tree of Life derives from my interest in science and has driven me as an artist to view how profoundly connected we are to a vast fine-tuned universe that has in the past 75 years brought about an extrordinary higher consciousness of our place in the universe. This emergent view now touches all of us to the extent we are the participatory guardians of precious planetary life and this consciousness may well point us towards spreading life throughout the solar system and beyond... None of this will be possible without respect and reverence for mother earth, life and science. I chose to symbolically configure mankind evolving with awe, science and space from an initial cosmic birth with the possibility we were seeded by interstellar organic molecules---perhaps carried in the flight of a comets tail or from the luminous dust of a supernova. This painting suggests that mankind is now poised to take adventure, science, hope and discovery into the greater Universe.

This digital painting is a living work in progress that had its origins 5 years ago. It is now being released at version 2.0 and the work will continue into the foreseeable future. Why such a work of scale? the answer lies in that we are at a momentous juncture in human history. We are at the dawn of staggering change driven by new physics, astronomy, biology and neuroscience. Artists today cannot ignore the incredible cosmic view that is now being revealed. We are at the dawn of an unprecedented period in human history where the velocity of change is exponential and we must take seriously that we are evolving as a species.

~Roger Ferragallo
April 4 2009

Video documentation of CTOL on HIPerSpace
CTOL as seen on the HIPerSpace 50 panel display system
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