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Roger Ferragallo's career as an administrator and instructor of art, cinema, television and photography spanned a period of over 32 years in Oakland, California (from 1960 through 1992). At Laney College in Oakland, California (1960-1980) Ferragallo founded the department of Art and co-founded the department of (Television) Media Communications. From 1980 through 1992, he founded and served as Director of Telecommunications and General Manager of Peralta Colleges Television (PCTV) for the Peralta Community College District. Other pioneering efforts at Peralta included a "virtual reality," concept called: TOTALENVIRONMENT LABORATORY (TELL) at Laney College. His futuristic conception included a domed environment with a hemispheric 360 projection system, multi-screen and stereoscopic projection, surround sound, atmosphere, fragrances and a revolving, tilting hydraulic floor. (Glenco Press, ISLANDS OF INNOVATION EXPANDED, B.Lamarr Johnson, 1968) Ferragallo also served as a telecommunications consultant for the Wyman Group, LTD., Sacramento California (1988-1992). He produced in 1992 "Volcanoes and Volcanism," 30 minutes, for KCSM-TV in San Mateo, California.

Roger Ferragallo's early professional art and designer background in Chicago, San Francisco and Oakland spanned film making, industrial design, architecture and scenic design for modern dance and drama theater. As a painter, he pioneered stereoscopic "free vision" in the early '70's, producing a series of large scale stereoscopic acrylic canvases. His article, "On Stereoscopic Painting", was published in LEONARDO: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE CONTEMPORARY ARTIST (Pergamon Press 1974).

Other professional achievements include Co Founder and President of the first United States UNESCO Center for Film and Video for Children; Founder and Editor of the League for Innovation national quarterly, TELETRENDS; Honored as a League Fellow for the League for Innovation in the Community College 1985; Co founded the Camera Obscura Film Society in San Francisco, 1957-59; Co founded Society for Film and Television for Children; 1957-59.

Ferragallo received a  Master of Art Education Degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BAE 1950 - MAE 1953).

Since his retirement from the Peralta Community College district in 1992, Ferragallo formed a design company with John Kristoff, (Ferragallo Group, LLC) which designs interactive surfaces (stereoscopic and planar) for architecture and interior designers. He was commissioned by Gage Tile International, a Division of Northern Engraving, Inc., in Sparta, Wisconsin in 1994 to create two stereoscopic tiled murals (Apollo Mandala & Moon Base Six) the former measuring twenty feet and the latter forty feet, each made up of 24" x 24" aluminum die-formed panels (tiles) that employ both brushed effects and lithographic high resolution imagery in full color. In 1996 he designed a tile expanse for  the Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower Porte Cochere & Pavilion of the Imagination (ground floor entrance and casino ceiling) that encompassed 18,000 square feet. He is also currently an exhibiting fine artist creating stereoscopic and 2D digital paintings.

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2009 - DIGITAL '09 MYSTERIES IN SCIENCE, ASCI 11th International Competition & Exhibition of Digital Prints, New York Hall of Science, OCTOBER 3, 2009 -- JANUARY 31, 2010 -- Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) - Digi'09 - Roger Ferragallo

2009 - VACAVILLE 32nd ANNUAL, (Juried) Vacaville CA; lst Place Digital Art, Equinoctial Reverie: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (4 pieces), MAY 2 - 21, 2009.

2009 - CTOL Version 2.0 YOUTUBE VIDEO produced & posted to Internet, April 5 2009; UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO (HIPerSPACE Exhibition-Demonstration)

2009 - CTOL Version 2.0 HIPerSPACE Digital Exhibition, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO, 31 x 7 foot digital screen, March 27, 2009.

2009 - CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY-- Project GIGAPAN, WEB EXHIBITION with partners, NASA Ames, GOOGLE EARTH, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, 546 megapixel "Cosmic Tree Of Life" Version 2.0 digital painting, released March 27, 2009 on view 24-7; interactive global participation. (33,770 views as of Oct 15th). (A work in progress, 3.0 release date 2011)

2008 - YLEM-(Artists Working With Science and Technology) Featured Artist, Cosmic Art, digital "Cosmic Tree Of Life" Aug '08.

2008 - NIGHT VISIONS lll EXHIBITION (Juried), Flagstaff, Arizona, Coconino Center for the Arts (Lowell Observatory): "Panspermia in the Veil Of Her Moon", Sept 27 - Nov 06

2008 - DIGITAL'08: IMAGINATION ON BEHALF OF OUR PLANET, ASCI's (ART SCIENCE COOPERATIVE, NEW YORK), (Juried)10th International Competition & Exhibition of Digital Prints; exhibit of Cosmic Art "Panspermia in the Veil Of Her Moon" at the New York Hall of Science, Oct 4 - Jan 25 '09

2008 - INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM OF ELECTRONIC ART (ISEA-2008) SINGAPORE (Juried); selected to present an on-line interactive, live demonstration of the GIGAPAN web exhibition of "Cosmic Tree Of Life" (Version 1.5), July 24 - 31. (Singapore University)

2008 - CARNEGIE MELLON'S PROJECT GIGAPAN ON-LINE WEB EXHIBITION with partners, NASA Ames, GOOGLE Earth, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, 546 megapixel "Cosmic Tree Of Life" Version 1.5 digital painting Aug 4 continuously, daily, with interactive participation world wide. (12,500 views as of Oct 15th). Cosmic Tree Of Life Version 2.0 ready Mar 2, 09.


2007 - BIZ-EX STEREOSCOPIC EXHIBITION, Burlingame CA, Airport Blvd., MoonBase Six, Stereoscopic Aluminum quad tiles, 48 " x 48"

2007 - IAAA On-Line Exhibition, "I Am What I See"

2007 - VACAVILLE YEARLY EXHIBITION (Juried), Vacaville, CA, Cosmic Art, digital "Panspermia in the Veil Of Her Moon", Nov.3-30

2007 - SYNOPSIS DIGITAL CORPORATE ART SHOW, Synopsis Corporation, 700 East Middlefield Rd., Los Gatos, Cosmic Art: 12 framed digital paintings, Mar. 8 thu May 5 (with YLEM-Artists Working With Science and Technology); May 15 thru Aug 10, "Cosmic Landscapes"

2006 - IAAA On Line Exhibition, "I Am What I See"

2006 - CD PUBLICATION OF "Cosmic Tree Of Life", Version 1.0, with ZOOMIFY software plus music track, Feb. 27. (San Francisco, CA)

2005-6 - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE, HIPerWALL, 23' x 9' largest high resolution digital screen display in the world: exhibition of massive 4 year digital 546 mega pixel COSMIC TREE OF LIFE, Dec 05 -Jan 4 '06

2005 - JANET TURNER 6TH NATIONAL PRINT COMPETITION, (Juried) California State University, Chico, CA, Cosmic art, digital, Feb 4-27

2005 - IMAGINARIUM SCIENCE CENTER SHOW, Nevada City, Cosmic Art, digital, Mar. 15

2005 - FAIRFIELD VISUAL ARTS ASSN, FVAA, (Juried) 42nd Annual, April 8-29, Fairfield, CA., Cosmic Art, "Universe Knew We Were Coming", oil on canvas digital print.
2005 - IAAA On Line Exhibition, "I Am What I See"

2004 - PRINCETON UNIVERSITY COMPUTER SCIENCE, exhibit 20 mega-pixel digital painting, "Universe Knew We Were Coming" shown on Princeton's 18 ft. x 8 ft. computerized 24 tiled display wall, Oct. 14- 30.

2004 - THE JONES CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART, Art House, (Juried) Cosmic Art, digital, June 10

2004 - JANET TURNER 5th NATIONAL PRINT COMPETITION, (Juried) California State University, Chico, CA, Cosmic art, digital, Feb, 2-29

2004 - ARTWORK ON VIEW, SAN FRANCISCO, - on-line exhibition of Cosmic Art (12 works), Dec, 15 (on-going web exhibition)

2004 - SEYBOLD SAN FRANCISCO CONVENTION CENTER, (Juried) Cosmic Art: "Universe Knew We Were Coming" 24" x 48" oil on canvas digital print

2004 - IAAA traveling exhibition, on going group show. " I Am What I See"

2003 - DIGITAL POND - SAN FRANCISCO, CA., "Universe Knew We Were Coming", 24" x 48", Lightbox, digital duratrans lambda transparency.

2003 - FAIRFIELD VISUAL ARTS ASSN, FVAA, (Juried) 41st Annual, Nov 6 -22, Fairfield, CA. 1035 West Texas St. Cosmic Art "Universe Knew We Were Coming", 24" x 48" Lightbox, digital Duratrans lambda transparency.

2003 - IAAA traveling exhibition - ongoing group show "I Am What I See"

2003 - DANVILLE FINE ARTS GALLERY - TECHNOLOGY CREATES, (DACA), 233 Front St., Danville, CA, Feb. 22-Mar. 28, Cosmic Art, digital paintings (7 framed) with YLEM Artists Using Science & Technology.

2002 - SEYBOLD SAN FRANCISCO CONVENTION CENTER, Cosmic art, digital, Sept. 11-12

2002 - PHOTONICS WEST, "Moonbase Six", 48" x 48", stereoscopic, digital, San Jose, CA

2002 - THE JONES CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART, (Juried) Cosmic Art, digital, Austin, TX; June

2001 - 9th NEW YORK DIGITAL SALON -(Juried) Cosmic Art, digital, Nov. 5-Dec. 8

2001 - IAAA traveling exhibition - ongoing group show "I Am What I See"

2001 - SIGGRAPH EXHIBITION, Los Angeles, CA (Juried), Cosmic Art digital print, Aug 12-17-



'99- 2000 "INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ASTRONOMICAL ARTISTS EXHIBITION": Traveling Group Show; RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, New Jersey; September 1999 through January 2000.

'99 "INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ASTRONOMICAL ARTISTS EXHIBITION": Traveling Group Show; Florida Museum of Natural History, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA CAMPUS; May through August 1999.

'99 "INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ASTRONOMICAL ARTISTS EXHIBITION": Traveling Group Show through 2001; Currently at CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, San Francisco, CA., July 25, 1998 - March 21, 1999.....Exhibiting Iris Ink-Jet print: "I Am What I See".....

'98 "THE ART OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY": Group Show; Fiesta Hall, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, Ca., July 31 through August 9; Stereoscopic Aluminum tiles; digital paintings;  stereoscopic lenticular panoramagrams.

'98 "HEWLETT PACKARD ART CONCEPTS EXHIBITION", Sunnyvale, CA: Exhibiting digital paintings and stereoscopic lenticular panoramagrams; January through June.

'97 "ANNUAL SOLANO COUNTY ARTS EXHIBITION"; Fairfield, CA; Sept. 5 -15, 1997; Exhibiting Iris Ink-Jet prints.....Honorable Mention Cash Award: "Nova-Genesis"

'97 "THE NATIONAL DIGITAL ART EXHIBITION", Slocumb Galleries, Johnson City, Tennessee, July 8-Aug 7, 1997; Exhibiting Iris Ink-Jet digital prints.

'97 "WEST COAST WORKS ON PAPER COMPETITION AND EXHIBITION"; The Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka, Ca., July 5-26, 1997; Exhibiting Iris Ink-Jet digital prints

'97 "PLANTETFEST ART SHOW, PLANETFEST '97", The Pasadena Center, California, July 3-6, 1997; Exhibiting three Iris Ink-Jet digital prints. 2nd Prize, Cash Award, "NovaGenesis".

'96 "YLEM Newsletter", Nov/Dec '96, Vol. 16, No. 11; Issue devoted to "Perception / Application: Authored article titled: "Stereopsis in Art and Design".

'96 "LENTICULAR, & STEREOSCOPIC ALUMINUM SURFACES", Cafe Aubette, 141 east 27th st., New York, Presentation/Exhibition by Oggi Architectural Products, Inc. of Ferragallo Group lenticular products and stereoscopic aluminum tiles to invited Industry Guests, Architects, & Designers, Oct. 15, '96

'96 -'2000, "ARTIST IN RESIDENCE", Gage Tile Corporation International, Wisconsin; Ferragallo Designs appear in the 1996 First Edition of GAGE'S Artist-In-Residence collection featuring virtually interactive (stereoscopic) and planar aluminum tiles for architectural ceilings.

'96 "STRATOSPHERE TOWER", Las Vegas, California, May 1, '96 completion of installation: "Moonbase Six" aluminum 24" tiles on the ground floor entrance and casino ceiling (Porte Cochere & Pavilion of the Imagination) encompassing 18,000 square feet.

'96 "DIGITAL ART '96": Gallery On The Rim, San Francisco, CA., January 9-31, '96. (Group show featuring computer digital paintings, aluminum stereoscopic tiles, and sculpture.

'95 "STEREO WORLD", National Stereoscopic Association Annual Color Periodical; Authored article: "Stereoscopic Architectural Surfaces" (March-April 1995, Vol. 22, No. 1,  Pg. 20-27.)

'95 "MOON BASE SIX", 8' x 40' Stereoscopic Aluminum Mural; On display in the showrooms of Northern Engraving, Inc., Sparta Wisconsin.

'95 "DIGITAL - DIGITALLY MEDIATED", Rhodes Gallery, Contra Costa College, Contra Costa, CA., 3/95: digital painting titled: "I Am What I See."

'95 "DIGITAL PAINTINGS & STEREOSCOPIC ART", Canessa Gallery, San Francisco, CA., 1/95 (2 Person Show with Mary Ann Merker Benton)

'94 "AMERICAN CENTER FOR DESIGN CONFERENCE", Miyako Hotel, San Francisco, (Oct. 27-29/94) Exhibited two Virtual Image Stereoscopic Aluminum Tiled Murals: "Apollo Mandala" 6' x 20'; "Moonbase Six", 6' x 40'; The world's first interactive, (free vision) stereoscopic mural walls.

'94 "ART-SCIENCE: SIX NEW VISIONS", YLEM (Artists Using Science & Technology) Group Show, Canessa Gallery, San Francisco, Ca., 1/94.

'93 "NEW YORK DIGITAL SALON", Exhibition at the Art Directors Club, New York: digital painting titled: "The Reality of Infinite Nuance"

'93 "TRUEVISION INTERNATIONAL VIDEOGRAPHICS COMPETITION": Runner-up Still Artistic Abstract Category, digital painting titled: "Birth in Nova Light."

'93 "MONTAGE '93, INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS", Strong Museum, "Perspectives, Proximities. Perceptions show: Rochester, New York: Stereoscopic digital painting, titled: "Autopoietic Creatures of Paradox."

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